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Sam. C

Dj & producer. Co-founder of Dosis Decibel Records and Sound System in 2004.

Started playing DnB & Breakz in the first half of the 90’s and ventured off in to the more darker core side of electronic music at the end of the 90’s with his friends of Noiz ‘r Us Sound System. Playing a mixup of hardcore Tekno, Breakcore & Dark Style DnB. His dj and producer tactics are a mixture of Breaks Tekno DnB Acid with a lot of Core when needed.

Sam.C has vinyl releases on labels such as Kaotek, Neurotrope, Mackitek, Old skull, Cerebral Noise, Tomeen, Tekno Sucks, yaya23, Winprod & his own labels Dosis Decibel, Deviant Behavior, Nano Pulse, Park Sessions, Oldschool Shoes & Cat in the Bag Records.

Genres: Tekno, DnB, Break Beats, Jungle, AcidCore, MentalCore

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