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Nano Pulse 04

NANO PULSE 04 by Sam. C [Battle Droid], Win [Anamorph 202], Trippy D [Drunk Mouse] & Wonka [Continual Glitches]


DOSIS DECIBEL 013 by Sam.C [Industry, Holographic] & Sparks [Spectral, Calama]

DDB 012

DOSIS DECIBEL 012 by eMeL [Sawdust Ceasars, Carpe Noctem, Ruff Rider, A Confluence of Events]

DDB 011

DOSIS DECIBEL 011 by eMeL [Cosmic Pulse] &  Sam.C [Animal In The Maschine, Corrupted Minds, Behind The Lies]

Nanopulse 03

NANO PULSE 03 by Sam.C [From The Outside Looking In, True The Wormhole, Freak Your Own Mind, Transmission]


DOSIS DECIBEL 010 by Sam.C [Death Moon on Mars, Within the Box, No Revolution without Dancing, Sonar Sphere]


DOSIS DECIBEL 09 by Sam.C [4 to the Floor Acid to the Core, Waves From The Past], Dj Y. [Digital Underground] & eMeL [Trickster]


DOSIS DECIBEL 008 by Johnny Sideways [Primitive Rudeboy], Sam.C [Bonemachine, Dream Warrior] & eMeL [Power Drift (Carter Was Right)]

Nanopulse 02

NANO PULSE 02 by Les Enfants Sages [L’Underground Emmerde La Sacem], Trippy-D [Wally], Sam.C [Radiation Field] & Bat Art & Jaquarius [Manuel Du Cyclothymique]

Nanopulse 01

NANO PULSE 01 by Sam.C [Cobwebs in the Sky], Phantom [Force…], 1NC1N [Spirit Unknown] & Sparks [Parallaxe]


DOSIS DECIBEL 07 by Win [Lifted By The Gloomy Pulse], Collision [Delusion], Shimla [Meta] & Sam.C [A Hole In Our Universe]


DOSIS DECIBEL 06 by Sam.C [Shape Shifter, End Of An Age, Void] & eMeL [Mad Strings]


DOSIS DECIBEL 05 by B-art2 [Slice & Dice], eMeL [Chance Petitioned], Sam.C [Deep Space Pirates] & Buck [Broken Bones]


DOSIS DECIBEL 04 by Sam.C [Morning Break, Alient Agent], Jungle Bunny [Slave To The Rythm], Pushy! [Mona Lisa 48k] & eMeL [Alterations]


DOSIS DECIBEL 03 by Sam.C [Broken Silence, Short Tribal Man], B-art2  [Geestig] & eMeL [Restless Souls (About Life And Death), Soulitude]


DOSIS DECIBEL 002 by Sam.C [Sample Minded], The Aesthetics [Monkey, Queens Of The Dark Age], eMeL [Verde Petrolio] & BRM [Tekzyjazzno]


DOSIS DECIBEL 01 by Psycholab [Usurpator], Sam.C [She Looks At A Plant], Dj Mackie [Space Truck’n (Don’ U Ever Feel Cold Out There] & B-art2 [Arabian Night]

Deviant Behavior 01

DEVIANT BEHAVIOR 01 by Sam.C [Voltage, Bass Destroyer, Killer Moves]

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